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Cotton Houston home inspectionWhen Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area in 2017, the members of Cotton & Co Property Inspections decided to assist in the recovery and reconstruction efforts by helping the victims of Harvey. With decades of building and remodeling experience, this is where they felt their clients needed them the most. However, as of January 6, 2020 they returned to doing property inspections full time.

We at J. LaRue Services recognize that purchasing a home is perhaps the largest and most significant investment most families ever make. It is not a decision that is made lightly. We recognize that our homes are where so many family memories are made. We at J. LaRue Services recognize the importance of choosing the right home for one’s family, and we understand the value of a quality property inspection. We also recognize that each of our customers comes with a different set of skills. This means that purchasing a fixer-upper may work for some clients, while other clients need something more complete and move-in ready. Knowing what one is buying is important, because it allows a client to make an informed & educated decision. J LaRue Services’ objective is to provide a thorough and impartial examination of the home a client intends to purchase.

Go to Our Services to review the type of inspections we offer at J LaRue Services: Buyer Resale, New Construction (3-phase and/or final), Builder & Remodel Phase Inspections, 11-Month Builder Warranty, & Investor Property Condition Inspections.

You are encouraged to read through a Sample Inspection report to see what one of our final products may look like. As one will see, we use lots of photographs, diagrams, and descriptions to help our clients get an understanding and overview of the property they intend to purchase.

We at J. LaRue Services believe that getting a PREMIUM inspection is PRICELESS.


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At J LaRue Services scheduling an inspection is simple. We pride ourselves on customer service, therefore we ask that all inspections be scheduled by calling our main number at 832-817-2317 or calling the inspector of your selection directly (Jim at 281-831-0063 or Len at 281-960-8499). Inspector detailed biographies are located on our About Us page.

The inspector will ask pertinent information about the property he will be inspecting in order to give you a price: size of the home, age, foundation (slab, pier & beam), and additional amenities (swimming pool, out-buildings, outdoor kitchen, mother-in-law’s suite, garage apartment, etc.). Most importantly he will ask if the property is under contract. He will also ask if you are working with a Realtor, and if so, please provide the agent’s contact information as well. He will also inquire as to whether you would like a Termite Inspection (a.k.a. WDI Wood Destroying Insect Inspection), so that he may coordinate that add-on service for you as we go through Bugs Inc, a third party for that service. (WDI Inspection will be an additional fee through Bugs Inc.)

The inspector will then secure the inspection time with a credit card. The credit card will be charged at time of scheduling; however, the client can cancel the inspection up to 24-hours prior to inspection and still obtain a full refund. All of our inspectors have Supra keys for easy access. Please let inspector know if there are gate or alarm codes when scheduling.



Although we at J LaRue Services work with new construction, builders, investors, etc., much of our business comes from inspecting buyer resale properties. So when a buyer is in the middle of an option period (with a resale property), we at J LaRue Services understand how important it is to expedite our inspection reports in a timely manner. That’s why we deliver our inspection reports via email to our clients in 24- 48 hours. Our inspection reports are informative with easy-to-read summaries, include diagrams (when necessary), and include ample photographs.

And our relationship does not end when the inspection ends, as our inspectors are available to answer questions to help buyers and their agents navigate the report by addressing their questions or concerns. We understand how important customer service is, and it is our objective is to educate our clients in order to empower them to make the best decision possible for themselves and their families.


We at J LaRue Services encourage clients to attend inspections when possible, especially the final part of the inspection (what we call the inspector’s summary). This is the “one-on-one time” that the inspector sets aside for his client. He goes through his inspection discoveries and findings, illustrates via photographs and diagrams, in order to help educate his clients and address their questions or concerns. However, even after the inspection report is issued, the inspector will make himself available to his client as navigating inspection reports can sometimes seem a little daunting, especially to a first-time homebuyer.

Note: During the course of the inspection we ask that our inspectors be focused solely on the property in order to provide a quality and premium inspection. We hope buyers can understand that J LaRue Services does not participate in accompanied inspections. This is also for safety reasons and insurance compliance.


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