A Buyer’s Resale Inspection is a thorough evaluation of a residential property’s visible and readily accessible components. This building inspector report is outlined and mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

We inspect the following components:

  • Foundation
  • Roof Covering, Flashing, & Gutters
  • Siding & Trim
  • Structural Components
  • Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • Plumbing System & Water Heater
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • We use only industry accepted equipment

A full report of our findings filled with numerous illustrative pictures will be available in within 48 hours. If buyers have any questions after looking through their report, they are encouraged to call the inspector back to help address their concerns or explain in more detail for better clarity.

Other Building Inspector Services We Offer


NEW CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION (3-phase and/or final):

Often times buyers are not aware that they may have their own building inspector inspect a newly built home or one under construction. Most builders inform buyers that during the building process they have their own building inspectors come out and inspect the properties during construction…which is indeed true. Those inspections do meet the minimum building requirements outlined by the State of Texas. However, it is always recommended to have an independent inspector who works with the “buyer’s best interest” in mind evaluate a home independently. We at J. LaRue Services offer two types of New Construction Inspections for our buyers: Phase Inspection and/or Final Inspection. During our Phase Inspections we evaluate the home during 3 Stages of the construction process:

• Pre-Pour Inspection

– This inspection takes place once the form boards are in place, plumbing grounds are installed, electrical is put into place; however, prior to the concrete for the foundation being poured. Once a builder pours concrete for the foundation, mistakes are difficult and expensive to correct after this point. (Form inspections need to be done as close to time at the pour as possible. This gives the inspector the best view prior to the pour. This is generally recommended 24-48 hours prior to pour).

• Frame / Pre-Sheetrock Inspection

– This inspection takes place once the home’s frame is up, roof is on, exterior walls are established (brick, Hardie, etc), windows are installed, interior walls are in place, plumbing and electrical lines have been run; however, walls are still void of insulation. This Pre-Sheetrock Inspection allows the inspector to look at all of the wood framing, mechanical, electrical, & plumbing lines prior to them being covered up by wall cavity insulation and sheetrock. (This inspection needs to be done after the frame-punch and just prior to insulation).

• Final Inspection

–This is the stage in which the builder presents the buyer with the finished product. Trim, cabinetry, paint, countertops, floors, lighting, etc are all complete. Appliances have been installed and are in working order. The front & backyard’s grading and drainage have been established. The builder will be COMPLETELY DONE with the house, and will be preparing to do the final walk-through with the buyer. This is when we at J LaRue Services will do a buyer Final Inspection. Our intention is to check everything as if this is a Buyer’s Resale Inspection and address things that the builder may not have found in their punch-list or may have inadvertently overlooked. Our intention is to help buyers get a house that has been “fine-tuned” and free of defects, which could become warranty items at a later date. (This inspection should be scheduled just prior to the buyer’s initial final walk-through with the builder. Due to new construction theft, front doors and appliances may not be installed. If that is the case, please let your inspector know ahead of time).

building-inspector-phase inspection


Quality Control and Phase Inspection can be tailored to your company or job’s specific needs: New construction, existing projects, multi-family and custom project inspections and evaluations.

We know that not every company or every job has the same needs. Some require a more in-depth evaluation and some more guidance. The basic phase inspection is outlined below. However, your company or job might require something different and we are here to help. Below is the basic phase inspection package. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.


  • Job site is evaluated for the basic drainage.
  • Trash receptacle.
  • Job site address and signage.
  • Form placement.
  • Basic make up – Beam depth and beam construction, cable or rebar placement, vapor barrier, plumbing, and all other defects that are present.
  • Plans should be present and all changes noted on the plans at the time of this inspection.


  • Job site is evaluated for the basic drainage (rough grade) in place at the time of this inspection.
  • Trash Receptacle – If not noted at the first evaluation.
  • Job site address and signage. If not noted at the first evaluation.
  • Exterior sheathing to be complete, windows, doors, and flashing in place.
  • Roof covering.
  • Fireplace set and flue installed.
  • Frame punch complete and all mechanicals are in place – Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC.
  • Prints on-site.

This inspection is intended to evaluate the finished product. The project should be ready to hand over to the customer. This is a fit, finish, and functionality inspection. This is intended to limit warranty and ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

We look at everything.

building inspector warranty


When purchasing a new construction home, most builders offer a 1-year home warranty as part of “their package” to buyers at closing. In that warranty, builders will often agree to come out ONE TIME to repair any warrantable items. We at J LaRue Services recommend that buyers call us out for an 11-month inspection. This will give the buyer a report to pass along to their builder so that they may address any outstanding warrantable items and evaluate the performance of the residence before their 1-year home warranty expires.

building inspector for landlords investors


Investors often purchase properties with the intention of leasing the homes. With our Investor / Landlord Condition Inspection, we at J LaRue Services will inspect the property before a tenant moves-in and upon a tenant moving-out. This will help give the Landlord an accurate evaluation of the property’s condition and notify them what items need to be addressed prior to the next tenant moving in. This helps an Investor not only preserve their property’s condition, but also notifies them of pre-existing conditions so that they may budget future repairs. The report from the building inspector can also assist in the dialogue between a Landlord and Tenant addressing items that are considered “above normal wear and tear” that may be the Tenant’s responsibility to address at Tenant’s expense upon move-out.



This service is performed by Bugs Inc, a third-party specialist (office: 281-391-4094). We attempt to schedule this service for you at the same time as the Buyer Resale Inspection (if desired). A Termite Inspection (a.k.a. WDI Wood Destroying Insect) will investigate a home’s structure for signs of damage caused by termites or other wood-destroying organisms. The damage caused by these pests isn’t always visible to the untrained eye, making it important to bring in a specialist before making a decision about the purchase of a home. Note: Buyers obtaining a VA loan to purchase a home will be required by their loan officer to have a WDI performed.

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